Consulting is no longer number crunching and established models anymore. The Last man standing is the one who challenges convention with conviction. We at SaltWater insist on partnership based hand holding consulting experience. We would not only think out of and Entrepreneurs shoes but wear them along with the Entrepreneur himself.

Private Equity :- A personal relationship driven approach with the Biggest Private Equity Players in India, Singapore and USA makes breakthrough deal making a forte here. Exclusive and personalised evaluation of deal books by Top Bosses of Fund houses gives SaltWater a unique edge across varied sectors. All major Private Equity houses new as well as old have built a creative rapport with us with a single minded focus on growth driven deal closures.

Venture Capital :- The most exciting ideas need to be incubated and Venture funded, the greatest inventions of human life have been. This is our core belief and that makes it a completely promoter driven style when we nuture new Ideas into great Ventures. SaltWater is member of most of the Venture Capital Groups in India through its partners and directors. A ‘in your shoes’ phsyche makes the pitch to every VC or Angel Investor much more than an elevator bump. A precise identification of VC/Angels plus a profound due diligence methodology converts ‘Ideas into great Ventures’ when you are with us.

Debt Capital :- Integrated Debt syndication solutions with a pedigree team of analysts and ex-bankers working in tandem to get your debt capital at the best rates from renowned Banks, NBFC’s and Funds worldwide.

Structured Debt :- A varied understanding of the different types of Industries and their needs enables us to plug the best solutions for Funding. Structured Debt with combination of mezzanine or new age instruments from International , Private Banks and Funds ensures your business never runs out of critical financial fuel.