Growth is the germ of happiness. We grow because we struggle, we learn and overcome. The engine towards progress is growth, for Businesses this can be Financial, Technological, Institutional or Intellectual. We at SaltWater enthuse the passion for our clients to achieve all of them.

Organic Growth :- Financial expertise driven by a holistic strategy ensures that our advisory focuses on asset and wealth creation. Insights help in identification of growth markets, asset classes and drivers for maximising ROI. Greenfield Project Implementation with strategic partnerships across India with Chartered Accountants across business sphere’s gives unique capability to deliver time bound results.

Inorganic Growth :- The future of business is M & A. A lateral entry into businesses with innate capabilities, human resources and intellectual property is priceless. Our Worldwide Partners as well as full time offices enable us to carry out in-bound as well as outbound Mergers and Acquisitions with elan. The scale of operations being Small & Medium Industries gives direct hands on approach with promoters and investors to close deals creatively and successfully.