Strategy is the translation of knowledge, to practical, the improvement of the original leading thought. We pursue incisive business strategies based on real insights by real people. Theoretical data backed by on the ground knowledge from personal experiences and investigative data collection creates ‘Business Strategy’ which is dynamic and progressive to deliver at all times.

India Entry Strategy :- As one of the fastest growing economies in the world India cannot be ignored. The enormous populace, vibrant democracy, inbuilt entrepreneurial thought, inculcated values of higher education and deep rooted culture are the hallmarks of this great sub-continent. As a future superpower in knowledge, economy and culture Investment into this nation shall define great companies. The challenges of dealing with multitude of languages, geographies and policies make it imperative to find the right partner to wade successfully. SaltWater Associates brings creative thinking and rapid implementation through its strategies with almost a 100% success guarantee. If you think of India and Investment SaltWater Associates are your ‘Men on the floor’

Global Marketplace Strategy :- With Indian businesses becoming global challengers and Asian markets becoming financial powerhouses investments flowing out into Western markets, Africa, South America, Middle East and other Asian growth pockets financial prudence with clear control tactics will enable these businesses to become Global Giants. Any business which seeks to invest needs a Diligent and Inquisitive on ground knowledge. It also thrives on intuitive decision making in times of crises. Every partner and International Director at SaltWater Associates has a mandate to be ‘Diligent and Intuitive’ at every step which makes SME Global Investment Banking a pedigree product by our team.