Executive Team

Gautam Verlekar
Gautam VerlekarCo-Founder & Managing Director
Chartered Accountant, Serial Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Sportsman Gautam is the co-founder and the heart behind SaltWater.
Over the last decade has founded multiple small businesses, including KPRD International, which is India’s very own worldwide accounting network and initiated POSIVIEW Consulting into one of India’s leading Realty/Infrastructure Financial Advisory firm. Over the last decade has worked on M & A deals worth more than 200 Million $.
Creativity in Growth Advisory combined with key skills in International Business Innovation, Cross Border Transactions, Accounting , Tax & Financial Advisory enable Gautam to provide a complete value addition to any kind of business
Gurunath JoshiPrincipal - Investment Banking
Gurunath is a Rank holder Commerce Graduate and a Chartered Accountant,2000 batch and MBA from China Europe International Business School and brings over 15 years of global experience in Corporate Finance, Financial strategy and Transactional brilliance.
Operating in diverse environments, ranging from Automotive, to Commodities of Global multinationals, in countries like India, Ghana, Mozambique, South Africa and China, Gurunath brings in depth ability of financial analysis to Large Transactions plus an eye for detail to work innovatively in financial structuring Medium Enterprises.
Avid Sportsman, and Adventurer he also brings a well rounded spirit to deal with restructuring team, whether in spots or business.
Shaunak Naik
Shaunak NaikCo-Founder & Vice President
A Electronics Engineer and holding a MBA from Leeds School of Business at University of Colorado USA. Shaunak is a thinker and is a constant thought provoker to entrepreneurs. Personally set up a vibrant boutique Realty company, but a keen interest in finance, venture capital and private equity pulled him to-wards co-founding SaltWater Associates. He leads the initiative to pick the future stars of technology, manufacturing and innovation businesses spanning varied sectors from Telecommunications to Healthcare.
Having worked with Angel Investors, Business Accelerators and Private Equity Groups as VP at Leeds Global Business Club and as Partner of Entrepreneurial Solutions; brings innate understanding of SMe’s need for growth in a global environment.


Siddharth Rahalkar
Siddharth RahalkarVice President, Investment Banking
Siddharth is a Chartered Accountant with over 2 decades of experience in Fund Management and Business Analytics. With a Career in industries like Banking, Education and Consulting. As AVP and Fund Manager led Duke Equity Partners fund deployment and analytics. Joined KPMG in 2007 as TS Due Diligence and led numerous transactions analysis for Manufacturing and Pharmaceutical Sector. With keen interest in Education and F&B set up Finventus, to create unique entities like ORYZZA, AIM Institute etc.
Manguirish Kunde
Manguirish KundeVice-President: Govt. Advisory
Manguirish a Graduate in Commerce from Goa University, has been at the helm of a family business conglomerate in areas of Petroleum Retail/ Logistics, Mining, Real Estate, Hospitality and Automobiles. As a young apprentice learnt most business skills on the job, Manguirish has been at the forefront of dealing with Government agencies across the spectrum. Combined with a family lineage in politics and philantrophy, Manguirish is a social extrovert whose capabilities to network and convert projects is relied by the best in the state of Goa.
A dedicated team of associates enable him to deliver end to end solutions in Govt. Advisory at Saltwater.
Ameya Salatry
Ameya SalatryVice President , Strategy
Ameya has an extensive global experience in the areas of M&A, Corporate, Commercial, Banking & Business Finance, Real Estate, Licensing, Technology & Intellectual Property. Having worked for almost 15 years in regions including India, United States and Middle East, Ameya brings a vast global experience and domain specific knowledge on the table. Ameya has a LLB (Bachelors) degree from I.L.S. (Indian Law Society’s) law college, India and dual LLM (Masters) degrees from University of Mumbai, India and Chicago Kent College of Law, Chicago, United States.


Rohit Gurbani
Rohit GurbaniAssociate V P (Debt Syndication)
Merit Ranker at the University of Pune holds a Masters in Finance and was Project Leader for over 3 years in the fastest growing Realty & Infra Finance Groups in India. Has worked on more than 100 reputed projects for Debt syndication.
Neena Karl Vaz
Neena Karl VazAssociate VP (Private Equity)
One of the youngest Chartered Accountants in Goa with driven analytical skills in financial modelling and project planning.

She leads a team of juniors to build the back end on which all financing and consulting projects succeed on. Her ability to constantly learn and adapt

Bring an incredible ability to structure financial models, and revisit them time and again for world class valuations across industry related projects.

Yash Jain
Yash JainAssociate (Mumbai)
In charge of on ground relationship in Mumbai, Yash is a Final year Chartered Accountant student holding Post Graduation in commerce. Carries 4 years of industry experience in leading Accounting firms in Mumbai. With key skills in Accountancy and Tax gives due diligence parameters a focus while pursuing SME focussed M & A deals.

Mackson Travasso
Mackson TravassoAssociate
Graduate in Commerce and MBA from ICFAI, with over 6 years experience and keen knowledge of internal financial control gives Mackson the edge in vetting and analysing financial data of business groups and create the necessary ground work for M & A deals